The video was awesome!  You did a wonderful job.       Heidi Schewe Eichten


Bill Wier CNN”s Wonder ListCCChief Innovation t

I was lucky enough to began my career alongside Dan and I have nothing but fond memories of his keen eye and warm personality.  He is a great photojournalist.

 "Dan is an exceptional wedding photographer. He creatively captured everything from our wedding day... not missing a single moment. He has an excellent artistic eye, making the final video enjoyable and fun to watch. And his friendly and helpful personality truly makes him a pleasure to work with. Dan has a wonderful gift when it comes to videotaping special moments." 
-Shelley and Fred Hexom
Married 2007
Dan doesn't just work in videography, he has a real passion for the job. He treats each assignment with excitement and understands the elements he needs to create a memorable piece. I worked with him for several years in local TV broadcast news and always enjoyed getting his vision of the story in putting the video together. He's a dedicated professional.

Carrie Hutton
Communications Director at Woodson YMCA, Inc.

A true professional  and a very calming soul for those who are in front of the camera.  He can create magic with one's presence.  I would use Dan again and again for my Video  Kari Fjeldberg 

"Dan took wonderful photos and video of our wedding in an old country church. He was the first to arrive and the last to leave. As a producer myself it was nice know that images of our special day were in good hands.

Dan was our videographer for our wedding on Oct 8th at Hollandale Christian Reformed Church . 
Dan is a funny, friendly, punctual and such a down to earth personality person.
Dan is so easy to work with!.
Dan talks to everyone and is so sporting!.
He will go the extra mile to take good video as if it is his wedding, hahaha :)

Good videographer, Best one i have ever met! Thank you Dan.